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After a brutal, unforgiving grind over at Baltimore City Health, our team has been able to defeat all the process bottlenecks and got the first in a line of waiting features out in front of of users. After trying to jam the existing, strangely-shaped peg into a round hole (many many long days and nights), Brian Fox and team (Bill Carolin, Lilly Tilden, Dallon Anderson, Alena Naumovich, James Ashby) had to create their own, functioning lifecycle so the peg can fit. Also, Tim Reed and team (Mohammed Shahed and David Trinkoff) at breakneck speed stood up an automated testing infrastructure and built out amazing e2e coverage in very little time allowing the devs to concentrate on scoped work. Kudos to you all! And kudos to Keith Brooks for hanging with the team at all hours, your support, and project leadership! Eliot Pearson kept the clients’ expectations realistic. Fingers crossed all this effort could result in a second team in this effort. This is a fantastic showcase of what’s in all our DNA at Catalyte! Thank you all!